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Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer
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The Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer prevents eversion or inversion by supporting the ankle in a biomechanically neutral position using non-stretch nylon figure-eight straps. The Wraptor is effective protecting the ankle either proactively or in the rehabilitation of acute ankle sprains. Fits both the right and left ankle. Also available with Speed Laces for quick application and removal.

Chronic and acute ankle sprains; abnormal eversion and inversion control; and as protective sportswear.

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Size Shoe Size Wraptor w/Regular Laces Wraptor w/Speed Laces
XS Male: 6 - 7
Female: 7 - 8
SA702501 SA702001
S Male: 8 - 9
Female: 9 - 10
SA702503 SA702003
M Male: 9 - 11
Female: 10 - 12
SA702505 SA702005
L Male: 11 - 13
Female: 12 - 14
SA702507 SA702007
XL Male: 14 +
Female: 15 +
SA702509 SA702009
2XL Male: 14 +
Female: 15 +
SA702511 SA702011
Suggested HCFA Code: L1902

*Measure circumference from the base of the heel around ankles while wearing an athletic sock.

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